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First off…sorry i havent been on much…things just EXPLODED in my Camp ( in a GREAT way of course )  I guess that’s why its called “blowin-up” huh?!  So, we have some exciting new Sponsors, my Live Band is in rehearsals now, and my recent YouTube Post got over 13,ooo Hits in just 2 days!!!  And that’s not even the FULL OFFICIAL VIDEO!!  Very very exciting, AWESOME stuff….but of course…I can’t say much…somethin about how we are “in-talks” and working out “details”!!  Hopefully soon we can lift the iron curtain, cause I’m just BUSTIN!!!  I promise…SUBSCRIBE to my Blog, THIS BLOG…and you will know the INSTANT I can tell the World!!  So, SUBSCRIBE PLEASE…for now….Mums the word. ( ok, and mayb “Grease” lol )


wat is with these ridic hot days in LA right now? seriously…lame!  anyway, things have been hot on the outside and in, new publicist, couple red carpets comin, photoshoots, and who knows…very excited right now!!!  hahaaaaaaa!

ya know…with my growing team and my music starting to go worldwide, im on my grind 24/7…even on the weekend!  last weekend we did it big, poppin bottles, dancin, LA club style, but this weekend im in the lab.  also got to prep for a big event with rolls royce on sunday.  when music calls, i answer.  Everytime!