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Dooood, very excited right now, and very nervous lol.  THIS IS IT!!  We are Set to Film, we got a An Award Winning Director whos worked with Bravo, NBC, Interscope Records, etc…, Stylists from Project Runway, Crew members who have worked with Ridley Scott and Big Features, and we even have a CRANE!!!  Sooooo crazeeee right now!!  1, 2, 3….Go #TeamVoxx !


already kicked this one off right, great food, great friends, new fans too…hope ur having a great Labor Day Weekend wherever you are!

ya kno, directors are a funny bunch.  there’s a creative director, director of photography, and the plain ole garden variety director.  each plays different roles and you know wat….can someone pleeeeeease just pitch in and help me make this vision come to life i dont care wat their “title” is!!!

wat is with these ridic hot days in LA right now? seriously…lame!  anyway, things have been hot on the outside and in, new publicist, couple red carpets comin, photoshoots, and who knows…very excited right now!!!  hahaaaaaaa!

ya know…with my growing team and my music starting to go worldwide, im on my grind 24/7…even on the weekend!  last weekend we did it big, poppin bottles, dancin, LA club style, but this weekend im in the lab.  also got to prep for a big event with rolls royce on sunday.  when music calls, i answer.  Everytime!

The Grind

Posted: 23/08/2012 in The Daily
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wow…it sure takes a lotta prep for these videos!  my newest video will be out soon, but im amazed at all the meetings, emails, and calls me and my team have done to get things just right!  itz crazeee