Posted: 06/04/2013 in The Daily


Well, this day started up kinda sketchy, lots of calls, no returns, no replys, and I was stressin!!  BUuuuut! by the end of the night everything is starting to werk like clockwork and my Team is on FIIIIRE!!

So just like liners notes… sum Thanks are due!

RJ my man I know ur the one to get me on that Marquee and I love u for it!,
Kelly, thank you for the hard work you put in today,
Steven thank you for steppin up now lets takeover,
Pls Welcome Josh on the 1s and 2s he’s gonna KILL IT for us,
Luke thank you for all ur hard work tha keys r nice man, tha keys r niiiiiice
and Darren, ya know ur my Dood bro and wat we recorded today is truly RAW AS FUK!!
WE RUN LA!  Hahaaaa!

So, EVERYONE!…if ur in LA March 26th ya gotta…

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